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Another day without closing a sale

That's how much you've been working for hours.

How much do you persist with the calls, the emails and the persistent follow up with your prospects...?

But the day goes by, and you have to put up with it...

...instead of selling properties, your job seems to be chasing people.

Keep an eye on them, follow them, hang around

Just be a pest.

You put money into portals...

You’ve tried lead generation specialists

Looking for referrals...

Or even worse...

You knock on the door of a complete stranger

You take a breath and jump right in...

-Good afternoon, neighbour... blah blah blah blah blah... sell your flat...".Blahblahblahblahblah blahblah blah blah blahblah blah... we are the best...blahblah blahblahblah blahblahblah blah blah blahblahblah!"

You spit out your message as quickly as possible, trying to avoid frowning and a slamming of the door.

The classic methods of property acquisition are old and rusty.

Today, the internet, digital speed and the enormous reach of online sales are the real leverage for your growth.

Without professional marketing, your business will go down the drain...

No improvised "experts".

No lead containers that save the year.

When you have no more nails to bite.

You have less and less hair to pluck out,

and you ask yourself, "why the f*%& don't I do better"?

We will help you.

We can "open your eyes".

Because your problem is not a lack of leads.

That comes later.

Your biggest obstacle is that you are just another agent.


You have zero popularity in the eyes of a potential customer.

Potential customers are tired of getting the same advertising impacts from brands like yours.

If you do not come up with something new, they will pass you by.

Your strategy must be to stand out.

Create your own space.

Because anyone can generate leads for your business.

What you lack to stand out from the competition and succeed is a validated system that nurtures, cares, and carefully processes each potential customer.

A mechanism that offers so much value that the person who walks through your door needs to be convinced of (almost) nothing.

So that the one who contacts you is a determined customer. An end customer.

We have worked with more than 103 real estate companies.

We generate millions in additional commissions.

We take countless hours off their hands and help them trade time at the office for memories with family and friends.

We can do the same for your company or real estate business.

Set up a system that guarantees a constant autopilot flow of high-quality and highly segmented leads.

Above all, it is a system that produces customers.

I know.

"Another magic solution..."- you are probably thinking now.

Well, yes.

But no.

We are a solution... But better.

Much better than anything you have tried so far.

Some Of Our Awesome Transformations

Jacques Chevallier - 20 Closed Transactions in 12 Months

Jacques Chevallier is dedicated to the sale of modern villas.


State 1:
He had invested quite a lot of money in advertisements on real estate portals, ads in magazines, newspapers and billboards. And he even hired a marketing agency....

The result? A low flow of customers, and consequently, a too slow sales rhythm.

State 2:
After analysing the type of customer they were looking for, we adjusted the online marketing campaigns to reach the ideal prospect and finally managed to close sales totalling +16.3M$ over a 12-month period.‍


"We were looking for an agency we could trust. We have been looking at different options for a while and in the end we got involved with them because of the professionalism they transmit and their experience. The project has been a commercial success. We have five of the 25 villas left to sell. We have done an aggressive, well-focused marketing and that has really been the key to the business. It is clear that Marcel is the leader in this project and has always had a good attitude, very professional and that shows in his ability to manage his team"

Result: 24 Closed Transactions In 12 Months

Founder: Jacques Chevallier, Buena Vista Hills

Dolores González - 3 Closed Transactions in 180 Days

Dolores González and her company Grupo Loen are dedicated to the sales of new homes. They only work in the luxury sector and their clients are from other countries.


State 1:
They did not have a defined marketing strategy. They had a general lack of digital presence and little knowledge of the online world. They hired another agency before us, and the results were not good. Low digital presence, no results.

State 2:
After less than 6 months with us they managed to sell 3 properties for more than 7.1 million $ in sales.


"We decided on Everest Marketing because we had a lack of exposure on social networks in general and I know little about the subject, so I had to find a specialized company. I had one with which I was not very happy and so I decided to try them. In this period we have been working with them, we have sold three properties: A villa in Campanes for 2.2 million, we have sold one for 4.9 million in Los Flamingos and we have sold an apartment in the center of Marbella (700k)."

Result: 3 Closed Transactions In 180 Days

Founder: Dolores González, Grupo Loen

Francisco Gómez - 24 Closed Transactions in 11 Months

Francisco Gómez is the Managing Director of Magna Estates, a well known real estate agency.


State 1:
He needed online support to sell a project of apartment in Benahavís (starting at 750K ).

State 2:
We helped Francisco start his digital marketing campaigns from scratch. We defined the entire online strategy and helped him set up a solid retargeting campaign. After 11 months of work, we managed to sell all the units, totalling +17.5M $ in sales.

Result: 24 Closed Transactions In 12 Months

Founder: Francisco Gómez, Magna Estates

David Darby - 33 Closed Transactions in 7 Months

David Darby specialises in real estate with a focus on both seller and buyer acquisition (national and international).


State 1:
David already came from a technology background, so he was aware of all the digital strategies. However, it wasn't working for them and they were very focused on real estate portals.

State 2:
We helped David from scratch, starting with the initial strategy through to the launch and then the optimisation of the online advertising campaigns. The result? They were no longer reliant on portals to attract and sell properties. In 7 months we helped them sell 33 properties. A total of +8.25M $ in sales.

Result: 33 Closed Transactions In 7 Months

Founder: David Darby, Orangestate & Strata Investment

Álvaro Losada - 56 Potential Sellers and 6 Contracted Agents in 90 Days

Álvaro Losada currently has more than 7 years of experience in the Real Estate sector. After almost 5 years as a real estate consultant, he decided to take the leap and start his own project together with Alejandro and David, his partners.


State 1:
They had difficulty attracting new advisors for their real estate agency. They worked with platforms like Jobtoday and Infojobs but without a good result. They couldn't get good people to expand their business.

State 2:
After a good strategy with the real estate VSLs, in just 30 days (after the launch of the campaign) they obtained a total of 95 candidates and hired 6 highly qualified agents. After the success of this campaign, they transferred it to attract selling owners and obtained a total of 56 potential sellers in the month of August.

Result: 56 Potential Sellers and 6 Contracted Agents in 90 Days

Founder: Álvaro Losada, Okam

Warning: You need to find more space for so many clients.

Few businesses can withstand the massive growth that the power and intensity of our

Real Estate VSL offers.

You will need a security guard to manage the waiting list. Most likely even two.

Prospective buyers will want to get in through the windows. This is no joke. We have invested more than 1M$ in advertising campaigns, generating hundreds of thousands of $$ in revenue for over 103 real estate companies.

We know what to do to put an end to your company's poor and ruinous sales figures.


It will take you twelve months, certainly less

Put an end to trial and error and set up a Real Estate VSL that guarantees you lots of prospects.

Get new and well-deserved commissions raining down on you. Become a runner with a proven and ultra-validated lead generation system. It'll be like running a marathon on a bike 😏

Now you have spent many years doing the same thing.


We know the nasty secrets of real estate portals. The vague and meagre responses from lead generation agencies. The desperate eternal tick-tock it takes to get referrals. The blood in your eyes and the grey hairs you get from those

last-minute rejections.

It's simple, the Real Estate VSL generates extremely high-quality leads in a very short time. They are fed and nurtured so that when they arrive at your door, they practically have their card on their data phone, bank notes in hand or a pen on the contract. You can pay and we do all the dirty work for you. Or you can learn how to do it in our courses.

It's a win-win situation 🏆.

If you like reading, my first book is an Amazon bestseller.

Learn how to attract new customers to your business and apply strategies to scale on autopilot.

Patrick Wind - Forbes 30u30 Leader, mentor and expert on Facebook and Instagram Ads - invited me to co-write our first Amazon Bestseller.

245 pages packed with strategies focused on building systems and increasing sales. Start growing your business thanks to the thinking and experience of Europe's marketing elite.

Only available in German and Spanish.

"Everest Marketing's real mission is to get results by working with real estate businesses. I like to go to the core of the business and figure out what I need to do to scale it".

Marcel García.

CEO Everest, Internacional Speaker

Seth Godin, Alex Hormozi, Patrick Wind, Nich Shackelford, Judit Catalá and Pau Antó among others have been great partners at events such as AdWorld, Traffic Summit and #1 European Mastermind.

I have been fascinated by the world of the internet since I was 13 or 14 years old. I have always been motivated to invent things to transform and improve what already exists.

Today, I travel the world as a real estate marketer, mentor, author, and digital strategist, sharing my ideas and systems with the elite of the marketing industry.


I'm just starting out and have little money to invest in online marketing. Do you work on a commission basis?

We have looked into the possibility, but for cases like yours, we have created a training course where you can get the same results as if we did it ourselves. Take a look at this link.

In the course, we will teach you the technical elements you need to create Real Estate VSLs, how to record them, the general guidelines of copywriting, how to create your sales script and many more details. If your problem is start-up capital, this is the best way to generate more commissions yourself.

What is a VSL or Video Sales Letter Real Estate, and why are you sure they work?

The goal of any marketing strategy is to influence the prospect with various promotional activities to get them to buy.

This starts at a stage where the potential customer has no idea of your existence and continues to the point where they eventually pay for your products or services.

Video Sales Letters are a series of videos designed to add value to your prospective customers in order to build more trust and facilitate the buying decision.

Often an ad is not enough. It would be helpful if you provide the lead with valuable information that increases knowledge about your offer and trust in your brand.

FAQ image

How do I know they are not like every other digital marketing agency?


Watch our FREE training here for Real Estate Agents on How to Get An Additional 1-5 Closings/Month (Or More) and Add +200K in Commissions in 12 Months Or Less Using Video Sales Letters.

There is no other way.

There is no point in telling you that we have almost 10 years’ experience, specialise in real estate marketing and work with the top companies in the industry.

It would be careless of me to talk about the more than 1M$ we have invested in online advertising and digital marketing and the experience we have gained as a result.

It sounds selfish, but this investment has brought several millions in additional commissions to the companies I have described above.

We have tried and tested endless strategies and tools to create a new system that is so perfect that every piece fits together like a puzzle.

We do not just generate leads.

We work intensively with our clients to find out what's going wrong and develop massive growth weapons using Video Sales Letters and copywriting strategies.

Will my investment pay off? Can you guarantee results? What guarantees do you offer?

Of course, we offer a guarantee.

If you do not close at least one sale with our programme, we will refund your money.

Yes, that’s no problem at all:


Hardly any agency will offer you such a guarantee (do not look for it, it does not exist).

We give you the details and conditions in the 45-minute Free Strategy Session: https://everestmarketing.co/schedule

Is your 45-minute free mentoring a typical hidden sales pitch?


The idea behind the session is to get to know the state of the customer acquisition system you have set up for your real estate business.

Or to understand if it is feasible to implement such a system if you do not have one yet. Once we have identified the growth objectives you are pursuing, we will find out why you are not achieving them and propose solutions.

Of course, if your business profile fits one of our programmes or courses, we will recommend that you apply to work with us.

But we do nothing - but nothing at all - to put pressure or force a sale.

We only work with companies and people who are as excited as we are about the systems, strategy, performance optimisation and exponential growth we offer.

I have tried other marketing agencies, SEO and Community Managers before, and nothing has worked for me. Why should it be any different with you?

Because we are bigger, stronger and much prettier than the rest... and because we not only have a brilliant sense of humour, but we also work (very hard), and only with real estate companies.

That’s been the case from the very beginning.

No thousands of niches and sectors.


That gives us a competitive edge. We know all too well what you are looking for and more importantly, what your potential customers are looking for when they make a buying decision.

If I mention Krating Daeng... Does that mean anything to you? No idea, right?

It's the original Red Bull, the Thai Red Bull. It contains 40% more taurine and caffeine than western Red Bulls.

You fly for real - with turbines. Well, pretend you have only ever used Red Bull in digital marketing.

You have not tried anything like us yet.

FAQ image

If I work with Everest Marketing, can I stop relying on real estate portals to sell my products?

It is very likely that they will be a supplement. But they will not be your main source of leads, that's for sure. There will be no dependency.

Our platform separates you almost completely from this form of recruitment.

You will be the master of your own lead generation system. You will only be dependent on one person, yourself (and your partner if you have one).

Can I use the Real Estate VSL to attract exclusive sellers?

This is one of the most powerful features of the programme.

Because we focus on presenting you as an authority, as an expert. What is for sale is not only the products, but also you. Your way of doing business, your values, and your unique character.

Then, when the prospect is faced with the decision of choosing the agency to sell their property, you are very well positioned in their mind and the right choice.

You no longer have to negotiate exclusivity. You can make that request and there will be no discussion about it.



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